CMC Webp Images Wordpress Plugin

CMC Webp Images – Wordpress Plugin

CMC Webp Images converts your Wordpress jpg and png images to webp format, allowing for faster load times and higher SEO scores.


  • Automatically convert png and jpg images to webp on the fly.
  • Convert all your Wordpress png and jpg images to webp with a single click.
  • Test different webp qualities to determine the best peformance to quality setting.
  • Checks to see if webp version exists before serving. So no broken images.

Faster page loads, better SEO scores

CMC Webp Images does NOT remove your original images, so you are never in danger of losing data!


  • Wordpress version 5 or higher (tested on Wordpress v5.8)
  • Apache 2 web server with mod rewrite and .htaccess support
  • PHP 7 or higher (tested on PHP v7.4)
  • PHP GD module

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Check out this example

The image on the left is in jpg format, and nearly 187K in size, the one on the right is the same image converted with to a webp format (with a quality setting of 50 -- 1 is lowest, 100 highest). Not much difference visually, right? Yet the webp formatted image is only 26.7K -- only 15% the original image's size!

Try it out today!

CMC Webp Images is simple to use, and can save you time and money. The plugin also increases your website's page load time and can help to improve your SEO score.

Just click the download button below to try CMC Webp Images. It's free!

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